44m Bocker Truck Crane

This powerful truck-mounted crane has an impressive range making this a popular choice for a variety of trades.

The AK 44/4000 combines maximum ranges and payloads up to 4,000kg with a distance of 8.20m. Even under a load of 500 kg, the crane reaches a range of 30 meters.

Therefore the AK44/4000 is perfect for roofers, carpenters, steel erection, solar panels, hot tubs plus many more applications.

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Truck mounted crane

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Truck Dimensions



Telescopic Arm Angle

Approx. 87 deg

Jib Angle

Approx. 165 deg

Swivel Area

Approx. 620 deg

Working Height up to Jib

Approx. 33m

Max. extension length including mech. extension (2m)

Approx. 44m

Max. extension length

Approx. 42m

Extendable jib basic length

Approx. 4.55m

Extendable jib max. extendable length

Approx. 8.9m

Current of hydraulic pump

Approx. 100 litres

Hook Speed

Approx. 60m/min

Support length 

Approx. 6.05m

Support Width

Approx. 5.74m

One-sided support 

Approx. 4.15m

Length Vehicle

Approx. 10.55

Width Vehicle 

Approx. 2.55m

Height Vehicle DB/MAN

Approx. 3.94 / 3.99 m 

Body Weight 

Approx. 9,600kg


Ak44 truck crane range graphs




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