Hoeflon C10 HYBRID
Spider Crane

The Hoeflon C10 is one of the strongest mini cranes available to hire, enabling intricate lifting work of high volumes of material to a further range and height than almost any other mini crane its size. It is capable of lifting 4000kg, and can lift 750kg to a height of 21 metres, and yet it is narrow enough to fit though a domestic doorframe (0.8m width).

It comes with non-marking tracks for finished floors, remote control for a better visual, and a variety of winches if required.

This is a powerful all-round machine, perfect for performing heavy lifting in tightly constricted locations, or where weight restrictions on site may have to be considered.

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C10 Spider crane dimensions chart





4000 kg

Maximum  Outreach: 

13.7m and 19.8m with options

Maximum Hoisting Hight: 

16.3m and 22m with options

Dimensions LxWxH:

3.93m x 0.8m x 1.97m 

Dimensions including winch and jib: 

4.15m x 0.8m x 2.07m

Total Weight:

4400kg and 4700kg including options

Boom System: 

Cylinder and chain system 

Boom Angle:

-5 – 83 degrees 


360 degrees  

Drive system: 

via remote control: 1st gear: 1.1 km/h 2nd gear: 2.3 km/h 3rd gear: 2.9 km/h 


Yanmar 3 cylinder, 1500rpm 

Incline angle: 

20 degrees

Ground pressure: 

0.72 kg/cm2



Electric Motor:

400 v

Fly jib Length:

5 m

Hoisting Winch:

1000kg, 2000kg, 4000kg

Cable Winch: 

50m long

Speed of hoisting with winch: 


Crawler Tracks:

Non Marking



Leveling Jack Monitoring: 

5 Positions

Hydraulic Slewing: 


 Open c10 Spider crane

C10 Spider crane reach and weight graph