Vacuum Lifter

In addition to a modular design, these Powr-Grip® vacuum lifters provide 180° rotation and 90° tilt, for expandability and a full range of load motion at the installation site or on the shop floor. 

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Standard Pad Spread:

P11104DC: 51 x 12” [1295 x 305 mm]

Number / Size of Pads: 

P11104DC: 4 / 11" [28 cm] dia. lipped 

Load Capacity:

P11104DC: 700 lbs [320 kg]

Average Unit Weight: 

70 lbs [32 kg]

Standard Operating Power:

12 volts DC, 10 amps (for each Pad Channel)

Load Movement: 

Manual rotation, 180° edgewise, with locking in three positions. Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat, with automatic latching in upright position.


Detailed Specifications

Features Include: 

  • On-board battery and charger
  • Battery energy gauge
  • Low vacuum warning light
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum line filter
  • Vacuum reserve tank

For more Information with full specifications please download the guide above.

p1-11 vacuum lifter dimensions




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