This specialist multifunctional vacuum lifter is a great tool for any glazer or cladder to install panels, offering power, reliability, and safety.

It can lift up to 800kg panels and offers a choice of angles and lifting ranges, enabling precise installation for virtually any building.

At just 82kg in weight, it is the lightest suction lifter in its class, and comes with radio remote control, suction covers, a transport trolley reducing manual handling on site and a quick-change battery.

Like the s600 vacuum this vacuum also configures into five different vacuum applications, making it a perfect lifting solution for an array of applications.

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Top view of the s800 Vacuum Lifter attachment for our Spider cranes

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Top Dimensions for the s800 Vacuum Lifter

Compact Dimensions for the S800 Vacuum Lifter


Unique features

  • Can be used as both spider and inline suction lifter
  • At just 82 kg with a lifting capacity of 800 kg, it is the lightest suction lifter in its class

Delivered standard with

  • Radio remote control
  • Transport trolley
  • Shortened lifting arm
  • Legs
  • Quick-change battery
  • Protective covers for suction cups


  • Extra-short lifting arm provides very compact dimensions for when glass installation space is limited
  • Angle adjustment on the Hoeflon lifting arm provides extra safety and convenience for indoor glazing installation because the angle can be fixed in different positions
  • Double vacuum circuit, meeting the requirements of the EN 13155 directive, ensures maximum safety and installation speed because external load fall arrester is no longer necessary
  • Radio remote control provides extra installation speed and convenience
  • The overall width of the machine is very low, which means that work can also be carried out between the façade and scaffolding

 Wheel base transportation for the s800 vacuum lifter.



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