SPX 1280 HYBRID Spider Crane 
Diesel + Electric 

The unique features of the SPX 1280 make it incomparable with any other mini crane on the market.

Designed for the most challenging of lifting projects.

With its impressive 8 tonne lift capacity, 26.6m working height and 2 tonne pick and carry duties, this mini crane really is one for the Next Generation of Lifting!

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Dimentions and loading charts for the SPX 1280 Spider crane




8000 kg

Maximum  Radius: 

360deg endless rotation

Maximum Hoisting Hight: 


Dimensions LxWxH:

Fully folded 5850mm x 1450mm x 2040mm

Total Weight:



125m / Up to 6 falls

Boom System: 

8 tones max capacity, 19.7m maximum height, 4 hydraulic extensions chain, High resistance steel

Power system

Diesel + on board 50 Hz / 60hz electric power unit. Simple switch from diesel

Electric power unit weight



Hydraulically extendable, white or black tracks


Virtual walls
360deg 2000kg pick and carry 
All accessories on board
Self -diagnostic system
Variable displacement pump


Detailed Specifications

For more Information with full specifications please download the guide above.


Fully extended SPX 1280 spider crane



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