Hoeflon C1
Pick and Carry Crane

The Hoeflon C1 mini crane is a compact and powerful machine, capable of lifting 550kg to a height of 5.6 metres. It can be driven over rough, unlevel surfaces, but causes no damage to finished floors, due to its no-mark treads. This machine is a superb solution to lifting in the very tightest of situations and enables projects to be completed efficiently, and above all, more safely, than any other method.

The Hoeflon C1 comes with a range of accessories and options, and these cranes are highly versatile, making them perfect for lifting glass, construction materials, or equipment to difficult-to-reach areas. It is light enough to be conveyed in a passenger lift and can also be delivered in a van or on a trailer, keeping transport costs down to a minimum.

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Compact side view of the C1 Pick pick and carry crane for hire in Manchester

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C1 Pick and carry Dimensions sheet




550 kg

Maximum  Hoisting Point: 

5.6 m and 4.4 m without options

Boom Outreach:

4.6 m and 3.3 m without options

Battery Drive:

24 V


Remote control; proportional driving and hoisting

1st Gear:

0.5 km/h

2nd Gear:

1.1 km/h

Total Weight:

1060 kg and 960 with options

Hydraulic Slewing Range:

136 degrees 

Load Moment Protection:

On overload 90% / 100% 


CE Marking




230 V / 24 V

Extension Section:

30-degree range of motion

Hoisting Winch:

460 kg 

Crawler Tracks:


Crane Mats:

2.0 x 0.8 m

Storage Box:

0.5 m x 0.3 m x 0.3 m

Hand Arm: 

30 degrees (up/down)

Working Lighting:


 Extended view of the C1 pick and carry crane.



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