Smartgroup SG650 
Glazing Robot

With its impressive lifting height of 5.8m, this specialist glazing robot is an ideal solution for lifting and installing glass.

The Smart Group SG650 has a generous load capacity, permitting a ‘pick and carry' capacity of up to 650kg.

It also enables less substantial pieces of glass to be lifted outwards laterally up to 3.5 metres.

Its powerful electric motor and tyres make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, offering exceptional stablity, with its low centre of gravity.

It can be functioned by remote control enabling an experienced operative to install with little assistance or supervision required.

We can also offer familiarisation on delivery to ensure confidence on site.

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weight chart for the SG650 Glazing Robot




2WD front wheel drive

Max. Height: 


Max. Lateral Radius: 


Max. Payload:

Pick and carry: 650kg


1.175 kg

Speed :



2.07 x 0.89 x 1.52 m



  • Powerful hydraulic glass robot with electric drive
  • Load capacity up to 650 kg ‘Pick & Carry'!
  • Range: 5.8 m high; 3.5 m in front of the wheels
  • The industry's largest security measures
  • Proportional control with potentiometer
  • Monitoring with load cells
  • Automatic speed reduction when load limit is reached
  • Weight display via LED
  • Arm with 3 hydraulic telescopic segments
  • Radio remote control (optional)
  • Rock-solid operation with swivel / steering arm
  • Powerful electric motor with front-wheel drive
  • Lowest load centre in the industry, i.e. more stability
  • Special tires, designed for difficult terrain
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • CE approved






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